Garbage and Recycling


Pellitteri Waste Systems: (800) 400-4285
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Green County Landfill: (608) 897-8605
W2002 CTH SS, Brodhead, WI 53520
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the 1st Saturday of each month - May thru September 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Recycling Refrigerators and Freezers

Focus on Energy is offering FREE refrigerator and freezer recycling and a $20 reward per appliance recycled (limit 2).  To qualify for the program, your units must be in working condition and must be between 10 - 30 cubic feet in size (mini fridges are ineligible).

Schedule your FREE appliance pick up at or at 1-800-354-1898.

Locate a Recycler -

The website has a Recycling Locator that allows you to locate nearby recyclers by entering your city or ZIP code and the item you wish to recycle.

Garbage / Recycling Pick-up

Click the link below to view the Village Garbage/Recycling Newsletter.

2019 Garbage/Recycling Newsletter & Calendar

Pellitteri Waste Systems collects residential garbage every Monday and recycling every other week on Monday (see Recycling Calendar & Collection Information above).  Items for collection shall be at the curb or near the street edge for collection by 7:00 a.m. on day of pickup [Monday] (including clean-up day). 

Schedule changes will be posted on village website and published in the Post Messenger Recorder as time permits.  Contact Pellitteri Waste Systems to get on email blasts that include inclement weather delays.

Garbage Collection: Each household is required to have an automated garbage cart.  To report problems with your cart please contact Pellitteri Waste Systems for assistance.  For detailed information regarding placement of the cart please refer to the brochure provided with cart.

Recycling Collection: Pellitteri Waste Systems will utilize your existing recycling cart for pick-up.  If you need a new cart, or to report problems with your existing cart please contact Pellitteri Waste Systems for assistance.  

Garbage and recycling carts should be placed together, with two (2) feet between them.

The dumpsters in various locations around the Village (including the garbage dumpster at the Village garage) are not for public dumping.  Pursuant to Section 257-10 of the Municipal Code improper use of trash receptacles is prohibited.  Additional garbage can be disposed of by contacting Pellitteri Waste Systems for a special pickup.


Want to know exactly what's banned from Wisconsin landfills?  Download flier HERE.  For more information, see What to Recycle in Wisconsin.

Unlimited amounts of recycling are allowed provided that you have a recycling cart (for single family and 2-4 family dwellings).  A recycling cart may be ordered by contacting Pellitteri Waste Systems at 1-800-400-4285.

  • Residents should only put approved recyclables in their recycling cart.  For a current recycling list please visit
  • Recycling carts with any visible trash or non-recyclables in them will be tagged with a notice of non-pickup due to contamination and not serviced.

    Business/Commercial Recycling and Waste Reduction

As part of the Going Green initiative, the Village encourages residents to recycle and reuse whenever possible.  Every item you are able to recycle or reuse is one less item going to the landfill.  One of the best ways to dispose of your unwanted items is to hold a rummage sale and turn your trash into cash.   Check with these organizations to see if they have use for your items:

  • American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, (608) 829-1002
  • Bethel Parish Shoppe, (608) 267-7780
  • Easter Seal Society, (608) 267-7780
  • Goodwill Industries, (608) 246-3150
  • Oakwood Resale Shop, 608-230-4264
  • St. Vincent DePaul Stores in Monroe: (608) 329-7837 and Madison: (608) 278-2920
  • Green Haven Family Advocates in Monroe (608) 325-7711

Composting Ideas

Download a brochure below to read more about the many different ways of composting or visit Composting in Wisconsin on the WI DNR website for more information.

Brush/Yard Waste/Leaf Pickup

Information available HERE.

Green County Landfill

The Green County Landfill is open the first Saturday morning of each month from May - September from 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. in addition to their regular hours of 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.  The landfill is located at W2002 CTH SS, Brodhead, WI.  For more information, contact the Green County Landfill at (608) 897-8605.

  • Clean Sweep Brochure: A hazardous waste disposal program for Green County residents, farmers and businesses.

Bulk Waste Items

Bulk waste items can be disposed of at anytime by calling Pellitteri Waste Systems at (800) 400-4285 and arranging the pickup for a fee.  

Items can also be hauled directly to the Green Count Landfill:  Green County Landfill Fees


Clean Up

2019 SPRING CLEAN-UP: Spring Clean-up Day will be held on Monday, June 3, 2019 for the entire Village.

Accepted items include:  furniture, household trash, dry carpet (rolled and tied for one-person to handle), swing sets (dismantled), bagged box springs and mattresses, bed frames, gas grills (no tanks), charcoal grills, small lawn mowers or snowblowers (gas and oil must be removed). 

NOT accepted:  e-waste including televisions and computer monitors, yard waste, building materials, tires, pianos, lead acid batteries, 55-gallon drums, household pesticides, concrete or dirt, oil tanks and filters, vehicle engine blocks, paints and thinners, and large appliances. 

If you have any questions, or your garbage is not picked up, please call Pellitteri Waste System at (800) 400-4285.

Large appliances (i.e. stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.) In order to have a large appliance picked up with the Spring Clean-up on Monday, June 3, 2019, please contact the Village Clerk’s Office at 527-3677 as those will require the purchase of an appliance sticker.  To dispose of large appliances at any other time of the year, please contact Pellitteri Waste System directly.


There is a drug collection drop box located in the lobby at Village Hall.  It is available to the public for the purpose of disposing of unwanted or expired personal medications.  You may do so anonymously at any time Village Hall is open.  Please do not deposit any liquids, syringes or infectious waste into the drop box.  The drop box was generously donated by the Monroe Clinic Foundation.

You may also contact the Green County Health Department for information on disposing medications and upcoming County medicine collection days at 608-328-9390.

For more information on the proper disposal of medicines and to locate a sharps collection site, go to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Internet site,

E-Waste (Electronics Recycling)

In Wisconsin, it is illegal to throw away the following items considered E-Waste: computers (desktops, laptops and tablets); desktop printers (including those that scan, fax and/or copy); Computer monitors (includes e-readers and similar devices with screens of at least 7"); televisions; DVD players, VCRs and DVRs; cell phones; fax machines; computer mice and keyboards; computer accessories such as hard drives, speakers, flash drives and modems. Recycle your old electronics with E-Cycle Wisconsin or calling the DNR at (608) 266-2111. 

How to Recycle Electronics in Wisconsin

Register for Recycling Updates HERE for notification on new materials.

The Green County Landfill will accept electronics at a fee (see fee schedule below) from households and K-12 public schools.  The landfill is located at W2002 CTH SS, Brodhead, WI.  For more information, contact the Green County Landfill at (608) 897-8605.

E-Waste Recycling Rates from the Green County Landfill

Pellitteri Waste Systems will also accept electronics at a fee.  Contact them at (800) 400-4285 to arrange for a pickup. 

For a full list of collection sites, see .

Visit the Best Buy website for E-Cycle programs and resources that they provide to Wisconsin residents.

MARC (Madison Area Rehabilitation Centers) - CyclePoint Member

MARC offers a full suite of electronic recycling services, managed securely and professionally.

You can now drop off your used electronics, Monday thru Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., at these four MARC locations: MARC-West, 805 Forward Drive, Madison; MARC-Stoughton, 932 North Page Street, Stoughton; MARC-Mt. Horeb; or MARC-East, 66 Buttonwood, Madison.  For more information contact Randy Klein by email at or by phone at 608-273-3630. Visit their website at

Accepted Items:
Televisions, Computers Laptops, & Notebooks, Flat-Screened Monitors, Servers, Routers & Modems, Printers, Copiers & Fax Machines, Cell phones, Digital cameras and projectors, Digital audio and DVD players, Video game systems, Basically anything with a cord. No appliances, please. *$20 fee for most televisions and CRT monitors, $50 fee for projection screen televisions, and a *$5 fee for secure data destruction of hard drives and cell phones. 

Oil Filters and Oil Absorbents

A ban on the disposal of used oil filters and oil absorbents in landfills went into effect January 1, 2011 in response to the new Wisconsin solid waste regulations (s.287.07 Wis.Stats) banning the disposal of these items from Wisconsin landfills.  Oil filters and oil absorbents have to be recycled.

Oil filters, if properly drained, may be taken to salvage yards along with other scrap steel.  They may also be brought to the Green County Landfill at no charge.

More information can be found at or you may contact Jack Connelly of the DNR at (608) 267-7574 or the Green County Landfill at (608) 897-8605.


New Glarus was established as a Swiss Colony in 1845 and incorporated as a Village in 1901. The Village has retained its Swiss charm with Alpine-style architecture, ethnic festivals and Swiss delicacies. The Village is located in beautiful Green County in south central Wisconsin. We are just 28 miles south of Madison and 17 miles north of Monroe on State Highway 69.


  319 2nd Street
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